What is an educational consultant?

An educational consultant is a professional who assists parents with their children, teens and / or young adults.

Educational consultants are skilled in helping parents find addiction treatment programs, college prep boarding schools, clinical treatment, eating disorder programs, faith-based programs and schools, program and schools for children on the Spectrum, Military schools, residential treatment centers, summer programs,  and wilderness programs.

Some educational consultants specialize in college placements.

Some educational consultants specilauize in GAP Year programs.

What do educational consultants do?

Educational consultants are trained professionals who assist parents and their students  by providing a realistic assessment of a student’s individual strengths and weaknesses as a prospective applicant to a particular type of program.

They provide guidance every step of the way. Most visit all the programs they recommend and have first hand knowledge of the program or school as well as has met their staff and know their financial monthly tuition cost as well as other variables thay will be important in the decision making process.

What are the benefits of working with an educational consultant?

Many schools have school psychologists to assist students in need. Some families have their teens in therapy. While an educational consultant does not replace the school psychologist or a local therapist, a professional consultant can serve as a guide to the entire process of looking for help outside the home. This can assist the family in feeling less stressed, better prepared for their decision, and more confident in taking those steps.

How do you know that you need an educational consultant?

The decision to hire an educational consultant is a personal one, and not every family will need or want to work with a consultant.

Working with an educational consultant can be particularly helpful when your child is: confused about their life; has limited opportunities in their local area for the support they need;  have not had success with the school psychologist or therapist at home; have had a major event occur which has been unhealthy for them and their family;  has lost interest in their academic attendance; has been experimenting with alcohol and drugs; or would benefit from one-on-one assistance in a wilderness or residential type program or school for a period of time.

Educational consultants can also be helpful when a student has learning disabilities or other special needs, when families are having difficulty agreeing on out of home choices, or for students who are particularly dealing with a clinical issue and need some assessments or testing.

Is an educational consultant a replacement for the school psychologist or therapist?

No, an educational consultant is never a replacement for the school psychologist or therapist.

While an educational consultant can provide more personalized service than your school psychologist or therapist may be able to provide, it’s important to understand that your school psychologist or therapist will still play a vital role in your decision-making process. You may think of your educational consultant as another member of your team, all working together to help your child, teen or young adult achieve their goals.

Can an educational consultant guarantee that my child will be admitted to a particular program or school?

No one can guarantee a student admission to a particular school or program!

When an educational consultant or anyone else suggests that they can do so, it is best to find another consultant. Professional educational consultants understand that many variables factor into admissions decisions and therefore they do not make false promises.

They can, however, help families improve their chances of admission by identifying the needs of the child with an in-depth profile, knowing their academic history, behavior history, clinical health history, family history and needs as well as the child’s interests, and by guiding parents through the admission process.

How much does it cost to work with an educational consultant?

You may have read an article or seen a news report about educational consultants who charge exorbitant fees for their counseling services.

Luckily, the majority of professional educational consultants offer reasonable prices for their services. Some consultants offer all-inclusive packages for a single fee, others will work with families on an hourly basis.

Still others offer some combination of the two. By comparing services and prices, you should be able to find a professional consultant that your family can afford.

Our family has limited finances. Does that mean we can’t get any help from an educational consultant?

Many educational consultants offer sliding fee scales to families who have limited financial means. Some educational consultants may waive their fees entirely for students from low-income families. Do not assume that your family’s financial situation means you can’t get help from an educational consultant!

Is it best to work with a local educational consultant?

It depends on both the student and the consultant.

Many families prefer to work face-to-face with their educational consultant, while others benefit from working with a non-local consultant who has specialized experience or skills.

When you can’t find a professional educational consultant in your area who you feel comfortable with, working with a consultant who is based elsewhere can also make sense.

When you’re considering working with a consultant outside of your local area, be sure to ask about their experience working with families and students at a distance, and discuss the tools and techniques they use to provide quality services. Many consultants are also happy to make referrals to other consultants that live in your local area.

When do we need to begin working with an educational consultant?

You may want to consult with an educational specialist early in the process of considering an out-of home placement.

Getting advice and suggestions on planning, testing advice, academic expertise, clicnial support, family structuire, extracurricular activities at the program, and treatment enrichment opportunities is an important discussion to have before making a decision.

In general, however, the majority of consulting time will occur before the decision-making has occurred, and after the student has been enrolled in their program or school.

Educational consultants work in all different areas with children as young as 5 and young adults into their 30’s.


Is hiring an educational consultant to help our child ethical?

Hiring a professional educational consultant is ethical. Parents seek outside attorneys, counselors, doctors, health care professionals, tutors, coaches and other professionals to help their family and their children succeed and achieve their goals.

A professional educational consultant is a “coach” to guide you and your child through the process ahead with the least amount of stress and anxiety possible.

How do programs and schools feel about educational consultants?

Programs and schools disapprove of unethical and unprofessional “consultants” who make unreasonable promises and go too far in over charging and making false promises.

Programs and schools also understand that professional educational consultants can serve a purpose, especially for families who do not have access to enough personal help from their school psychologist or therapist. Most professional educational consultants abide by Standards and Ethics which can be found on their websites.

What are some things that an educational consultant should never do?

A professional educational consultant should never guarantee admission to any particular program or school. They should not receive financial remuneration for referring students to a particular program or school.

They should treat students and parents with respect, and be supportive of their choices.

Finally, educational consultants should never abuse the privilege of working with young people in any way.




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