By age 8, Caylee was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) disorder.

After parenting their three biological sons, they figured they’d bring Caylee into the family fairly easily. They did realize that Caylee was different from other children at a very young age—she was a bit quirky and needed a lot of attention.

“We thought we’d just parent her the way we had our other children…and that we would just love her and everything would be fine,“ said Dianna.

Yet, they didn’t realize how Caylee’s differences would put them on a much different parenting journey than they previously knew.

A path of different diagnoses

Over time, Dean and Dianna realized that they couldn’t love or parent away Caylee’s attention-seeking and inappropriate behaviors. And so the search began. By age 8, Caylee was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) disorder. Dean and Dianna focused on that diagnosis alone for a while.

The medication did help and allowed her to focus better. By eighth grade, however, they realized Caylee needed something more. Her different behaviors had only become more overwhelming with age. Read on.

We’d like to thank Brendan and Carrie O’Toole for their time and talents to and interest of the Institute for Attachment and Child Development for conducting and filming this interview and sharing it with us.

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